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Will a New Douglas County Newspapper Appear in 2015?

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CRCO which is also doing business as Castle Rock Community News is picking up a lot of steam quickly so it’s no surprise that the word on the street is in 2015 a new, alternative news press may be in the works….

CRCO is a different type of news outlet. It’s community owned and focuses on personal interest stories and doesn’t wonder outside of Douglas County for topics.

In addition to news, they have a wealth of new small business products which will be announced early 2015.

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Who is Philip S. Miller?

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If you’re from Castle Rock then there’s no doubt that you haven’t seen Philip S. Miller‘s name all over town, and rightfully so.

So who is Philip S. Miller?

Philip S. Miller started his humble beginnings in Peoria, Illinois in 1895. Shortly thereafter, his father, a butcher by trade, moved the family to Denver to open his own meat market. Following in his father’s footsteps, Philip worked as a butcher for several years and helped expand his family’s business with the assistance of some business partners. Eventually they were able to open shops in both Kiowa and Castle Rock.

Be sure to check out the entire article here:

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What’s the Big Deal with Mudjacking?

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If you’ve searched for a Denver mudjacking provider before you’ve likely found it to be a daunting task but firs, what is mudjacking?

Mudjacking is an affordable way to fix a sagging driveway, patio or sidewalk. You’ve seen it… the driveways that sink and create a step-like incline to get in the garage in fact, I’ve seen people who have had driveways so bad that they stack tiered bricks so their cars can make it back into the garage.

The great thing about mudjacking is it levels the sagging concrete, eliminating in most cases the need for new concrete.  In addition, it cost far less to re-level your concrete then to replace it.

When I first got into video I went out to a friends and took a brief video of what mudjacking looks like, here it is:

AAA Concrete Raising is Owned by Owner/Operator, Howard Denton and Howard is without a doubt one of the most standup people you’ll meet which is why I highly recommend him for all of your Denver mudjacking needs. Check him out online at!

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New Drone Store Opens in Castle Rock

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Drones are awesome, but do I really need one… I think yes! The entire GHS team is really excited about the new Multicopter Warehouse that recently opened up in downtown Castle Rock and it’s apparent, everyone else is as well.

Today I’ll be heading down (their offices are right below ours) to potentially pickup a drone for CRCO event coverage and I’m pretty excited about it.

Here’s a great video we found detailing what they’re all about.

To learn more or to shop online you can visit their website,

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Welcome to the Good Hotshot!

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Don’t you love the name Good Hotshot? To you, it might not represent much but to us bloggers at GHS it means quite a bit.

First and foremost, our blog is about all things Colorado. Some of the topics you’ll likely find us talking about will be small business, food reviews and the outdoors but before we get too far into telling you what makes our site awesome and the many of reasons why you’ll likely get addicted, we’d like to thank our sponsor, General Steel Corporation who is a steel buildings supplier in Littleton, Colorado.

Anyway, back to the blog. The Good Hotshot bloggers are based in Colorado, some in Denver, some in the Mountains and we all have one thing in common, we love Colorado!