Castle Rock Stormed by ‘Storm Chasers’

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Castle Rock has gotten beat up pretty good over the last month by pretty substantial hailstorms that are driving roofers from not only the greater Denver metro area, but the entire western region.

Castle Rock residents who are contacted by a door-to-door roofing salesperson are urged to check with the BBB or contact Best Colorado Contractors to connect you with a local licensed home contractors.

Quality local Castle Rock Roofing contractors will not knock on your door so be aware that scams are out and about — protect yourself.

Need more? Here are a few referrals worth checking out!


Bellco Credit Union Review

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Based on 26 reviews, Bellco Credit Union rakes in a whopping 2.2 out of 5 stars.  Now it’s my turn…

I’ve been a member since my teen years in fact, Bellco Credit Union was the first bank to offer me as a youngster a loan for my first vehicle which I made prompt payments and over time paid off.

Since then, I’ve been an outstanding member with an impeccable payment history. Additionally, I’ve had spotless credit until — Bellco Credit Union got a hold of it.

Just a few months ago I got tied up in a lot of stuff however, money was never an issue and I ended up being a little late on a CC. Sure, my fault — I’ll take the blame, I was the one who forgot so I deserved everything I got including the 70pt decrease in my score and having to pay $7,000 more in interest on a car loan I needed for my business.

The part for me that stinks and makes me regret working with Bellco is they take their membership for granted and it appears that they jump on the first chance they can to destroy someones credit — at least, that’s what it appears they do after talking to other similar credit unions who have a drastically different policies.

Speaking of policies, I asked Bellco’s North District Manger, Jared Dryer about Bellco’s policy who responded with “Bellco has the same policy as we do our due diligence prior to  reporting to the Credit Bureaus as we do not like our members to be adversely affected.”

My question wasn’t answered directly. I spoke with 3 different credit unions who all have very ‘member friendly’ policies in place to protect their members credit and while Mr. Dryer said Bellco has the same policy, he didn’t specify as to what the policy was the same as.

This afternoon I emailed James Johnston, Bellco’s head of marketing with a simple question: Does Bello either directly, or indirectly benefit financially from loans who’s borrowers have lower credit scores.

A simple yes or no will suffice. As of know, I have not heard back from Mr. Johnston however I am presuming the answer would be, yes.

The battle to better one’s policy has just begun. I am planning on speaking publically about my concern with Bellco’s practices in addition to filling suite in hopes to bring added visibility to their practices and policy.

According to Mr. Dryer, Bellco has an official response as well as the details of their investigation on its way to my house. After dealing with Bellco for this many years, I can already predict what their final answer will be and it will not be one in favor of the member.


Colorado Business Features

BUSTED for DUI? What’s Next?

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At the Good Hotshot we recommend only the best… if you’re caught driving drunk and need a fantastic Denver criminal defense attorney, listen up!

First in full disclosure, this is not a paid endorsement. We (the Good Hotshots) have been friends with William Frankfurt for many years… and if you’ve found yourself in a less than fortunate situation,  he’s the guy to know.

When searching for a criminal defense attorney, you could search Google or you could go directly to Mr. William Frankfurt’s website at www.thefrankfurtlawoffice.com. You’re welcome, thank us later.


Recovering from an SEO Penalty

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Recovering from an SEO penalty is much easier said than done however we’re pleased to showcase a local roofer, Roofcorp.

Penalties are tough and when you get one (manual or algorithmic) you’ll want to make a business decision on whether or not its in your best interest to fight the penalty or, start from scratch.

First, look at your brand, look at your website and look at your domain portfolio… do you have a domain that would / could work as an alternative? For Roofcorp, his penalized domain was roofcorpinc.com while he host a nice portfolio of workable domains, we went with RoofingExperts.com.

Take a look for yourself…

Marketing & Advertising

Is SEO Dead?

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Thinking about hiring an SEO company but uncertain of SEOs current value? First and foremost, SEO is not dead – here’s a scenario to prove it.

Let’s say you’re visiting Denver from out of state. On the plate ride, you decided to have a few too many beers. You jump on the bus to the rent-a-car place, get in your car and later get pulled over by the Denver police and get charged with a DUI.

Now some might argue that you’d likely hit up social media however 1 — you don’t want to broadcast you got a DUI and 2nd, it’s doubtful that your friends from San Francisco are going to know a Colorado DUI Attorney.

Google still is, and will be for a very long time THE place to go for answers to questions like the above. Typically, individuals who claim SEO is dead have either hired a handful of horrific SEO providers that haven’t been able to provide results, or are one of those providers and haven’t quite figured out how to abide and follow Google Webmaster Guidelines.

The next time someone suggests that SEO is dead move on. If you’re in the market for an SEO provider you can trust, do a Google search. If the SEO is worth their salt then they should be able to rank themselves for competitive terms like Denver SEO (or city + SEO).

Good luck and happy hunting!

Colorado Business Features

How to Avoid Being Ripped Off by an SEO Provider

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We at the Good Hotshot enjoy helping our friends in the small business sector out which is why we’ve been really excited to tell you about 3 SEO Quotes.com.

Before we get into the nuts & bolts on why you need these guys, first lets have a heart to heart about the SEO (search engine optimization) industry as a whole.

We’ve got a lot of friends who are small business owners and literally all of them have had horrendous experiences when hiring SEO providers. I’m not quite sure if it’s something in the water, but SEO people are typically very slick sales folks and they’re even better at getting small business owners to fork over a lot of money without really showing anything for it besides “just wait a bit, it takes time for your rankings to start coming up…”

Back to 3 SEO Quotes. This company was started by industry leading SEO experts who have owned their own highly successful SEO firms in past. The one thing they have in common is they all want to help the little guy out and offer a way to ‘hold SEOs accountable,’ for what they do.

3 SEO Quotes does just what their name says, and so much more. When a small business contacts them, they immediately contact the business to discuss their situation. Once they figure out what they need to, they then shop the deal to some pre-screened providers they’ve known, and worked with for awhile to give them a chance to compete for the small business owners business. Once 3 SEO Quotes get their quotes back, they discuss them with the small business in great depth and decide who would be a good fit to discuss next steps.

If ,and when the small business owner selects an SEO provider 3 SEO Quotes acts as their personal advocate and consultant through the entire campaign.

So far, 3 SEO Quotes has a Denver SEO office located near 11th and Colorado. To learn more, check them out at 3seoquotes.com.

Castle Rock News

Promenade at Castle Rock Ramps Up

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The $177 Million Dollar controversial project, the Promenade at Castle Rock is in full swing.  On Feb 18, 2015 the Castle Rock Town Council voted 6-0 to allow the project to move forward despite a mass amount of opposition from the prairie dog group and concerns from residents.

To this date, Alberta Development has not responded for comment and it appears, some media networks were considering covering this topic, later dropped it from their lineup from unspecified reasons.

To learn more about the Promenade at Castle Rock and the Alberta Development controversy, keep an eye out here.

Consumer News

Denver Roofer Endorsement

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I’ve got a friend in the roofing business, and you should know about him.

Alan Parkes is the Owner of Roofcorp, Inc., a Denver roofing company who has a stellar A+ rating with the Denver BBB and has some of the best reviews around.  I’ve known Alan for around 8 years and have worked close with him, and his staff and it’s rare that I’ll publicly endorse someone in this space.

When you hire Roofcorp, you’re hiring a company who has not only the highest levels of integrity in the business, but who treats all of their customers like family and will literally, bend over backwards to ensure you’re thrilled about their service you’ve received.

Last, I’m really impressed with these guys. They not only do all of the above, but they give a boat load back to the community. Many roofers line their pockets full, not Roofcorp. Whether you’re looking for a Highlands Ranch Roofer, a Castle Rock Roofer, or as far north as Fort Collins, these are the guys to trust. Check them out online at roofingexperts.com.

That my friends is why Good Hotshots fully supports Roofcorp, Inc.

Colorado Buisness News

Will a New Douglas County Newspapper Appear in 2015?

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CRCO which is also doing business as Castle Rock Community News is picking up a lot of steam quickly so it’s no surprise that the word on the street is in 2015 a new, alternative news press may be in the works….

CRCO is a different type of news outlet. It’s community owned and focuses on personal interest stories and doesn’t wonder outside of Douglas County for topics.

In addition to news, they have a wealth of new small business products which will be announced early 2015.