What is an Online Boutique?

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Shopping is fun, but it comes with its drawbacks. Any time you decide to go shopping you have to deal with crowded malls and stores, traffic, finding parking, standing in line, not being able to find the color or size you want, and more.

What if you could remove all of the negatives of shopping and just have an experience where you’re instantly connected with plenty of cute styles, accessories, and the items you’ve been looking for? Well you can have that type of experience by shopping at an online boutique?

Let’s learn more about online boutiques including what they are, what they provide, and where you can find them.

Getting More with an Online Boutique

Take your favorite mom-and-pop hat store, transport of all those great hats and styles from a brick and mortar location to a website, and you have an online boutique.

An online boutique is just that, a boutique that has chosen to display their goods and products in an online format instead of a physical location. Most brick and mortar stores will offer their products both in store, and in an online boutique setting.

What Can I Buy from an Online Boutique?

Whatever you would buy from a physical boutique. Most online boutiques center around clothing and accessories, but you can find online boutiques for everything from hand-crafted soaps, to customized sunglasses, and just about everything in-between.

Advantages of Online Boutiques

Online boutiques offer many advantages for both their owners and their customers. Lower overhead means better prices for the consumer, you can shop from your house without worrying about crowds, the selection can be more diverse and larger than a physical boutique, and online boutiques make it easier to browse several styles and colors with just the click of a mouse.

Where to Find Online Boutiques

There are several ways to find online boutiques online. Boutique and craft website Etsy is a fantastic place to start but the sky is really the only limit for you. Searching for a cute scarf? Type “scarf online boutique” into your search engine to see several choices. Looking for new earrings? Search “earrings online boutique.” It really is that simple.

Online boutiques are simply boutiques that are shoppable online, and they offer many advantages over traditional boutiques. Whenever you want to shop online for the bracelet or sundress you’ve always wanted, simply use a search engine to give you results. After using an online boutique you may never want to go to a physical boutique again.


What is Asphalt Resealing?

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Asphalt covers a great deal of the country, and it’s not surprising why. Asphalt is affordable, functional, durable, and looks great. Unfortunately, you can’t just lay down asphalt and expect it to perform for decades. Like many other things, asphalt needs a level of care and maintenance to remain at its strongest and last years.

One of the best things you can do for your asphalt is to have it regularly resealed, and resealing is one of the most important steps in parking lot repair. Let’s learn more about resealing your asphalt, and some of the options you have.

Why Do You Need Asphalt Resealing?

Sealing asphalt adds a protective layer to the asphalt to increase its useful life. Sealing helps the asphalt combat temperature fluctuations, (asphalt can heat up to over 170 degrees!) UV damage from the sun’s rays, and other environmental factors. Resealing is critical if you want your asphalt last more than a handful of years.

Types of Asphalt Sealing

Now that we know the purpose of resealing, let’s review four of the more common types of sealing.

Seal Coat – Seal coat is a coat of antioxidant chemicals that can shield against sun and precipitation, similar to sunscreen for people. Seal coat is cost effective for most asphalt projects.

Slurry Coat – Slurry coat is seal coat but with added aggregate. The aggregate helps replenish asphalt that has lost its aggregate or “fines” over the years and provides a gripping surface for both people and vehicles.

Microsurfacing – Microsurfacing is a more durable form of slurry coat due to the addition higher polymer and asphalt residual content. Microsurfacing sets faster than the slurry coat (as quick as 1 hour), and the aggregate is higher quality than that found in standard slurry coat. Microsurfacing is useful when you need high-quality asphalt with excellent grip.

Tire Rubber Modified Surface Sealer (TRMSS) – This type of sealant replaces oils in the asphalt that are lost over time. This helps secure substrate and helps prevent damage from the sun, rain, and other environmental factors. TRMSS is not often used in residential applications but for roads shoulder, airports, and other public applications.

Your asphalt won’t make it far without sealing, but it’s up to you to get it resealed. Call up your local asphalt service to inquire about getting your asphalt resealed. In the end, your asphalt will thank you with extended years of useful life.


What Happens If You Don’t Fix a Hail-Damaged Car?

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Most of us take pride in our vehicles, and some even obsess over them. Most people feel that their vehicle is an outward reflection of themselves, so you want to keep things looking nice. Unfortunately, there are many factors out there that are working against your car, and sometimes there’s not too much you can do about it. Let’s take one of the biggest headaches for auto owners, hail.

What Happens When You Don’t Fix a Hail-Damaged Auto?

Hail comes in many sizes, but all hail has the potential to damage your auto. The most common type of damage caused by hail on vehicles are dents, paint chips, and broken or cracked windshields in some cases. Most of us want to get these unsightly blemishes eliminated as soon as possible, but what happens if you simply choose not to get hail damage repaired?

Making a Problem Worse

Your paint is not just for decoration. It can also add an extra layer of protection to your car’s exterior. When hail chips auto paint, moisture can penetrate your vehicle causing rust, more paint chips, and other issues. To prevent hail damage from getting uglier, and not to mention more costly to fix, it’s best to have any auto hail damage repair taken care of right away.

Costing Yourself

Many of us can have hail damage paid for through our auto insurance policies. Not all auto insurance policies cover hail damage, but many do. However, many insurance companies provide windows between when damage occurs and when the damage is fixed to pay your full claim. If you wait too long after your auto has experienced the damage before filing a claim or getting the damage fixed, you could find that your auto insurance will no longer pay to have it remedied. Most often this window is one year but don’t risk it, have any hail damaged fixed immediately.

Not only does a hail-damaged auto look unsightly, but that damage could also get worse if you don’t do anything about it and your insurance may not pay for getting it fixed if you wait too long. If your car is the victim of a hail storm don’t sit around and risk it, have it fixed right away.


Should You Do Snow Removal Yourself?

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Freshly fallen snow has a certain reverence to it. There are poems about snow, books based around snow, and it’s not too uncommon to spend hours just watching new snow fall. Freshly fallen snow is certainly beautiful, but where are all the poems and fawning over shoveling that snow off your front sidewalk and driveway?

If you live in the colder portions of the US, you know that while snow may be beautiful, it has to come up. If you do live in the colder portions of the country you likely know your way around a snow shovel or a snow blower, but should you be doing snow removal yourself? Let’s look at some questions to answer to find out if you should be breaking your back.

Should You Reconsider Shoveling Your Own Snow?

Do You Hate Shoveling Snow?

No one ever said you had to shovel your snow, regardless of how big or small your property is. If the thought of picking up a shovel automatically throws your back into knots, don’t do it! If you live in an area with snow removal service, there are many companies who will take care of that hard work for you.

Do You Have a Large Property?

Most homeowners or business owners are fine to shovel a small property with only minor amounts of sidewalk and driveway, but not everyone has a small property or a small parking lot. If you have a large driveway, plenty of sidewalk, or other large areas that need snow removal, don’t put all of that work on yourself, or scuff your lot up to the point of needing parking lot repair, call the pros.

Are There Better Things You Should Be Doing?

Any basic economics course tells you that time is money. If you’re wasting time out in the cold shoveling snow that is time lost to do other things, or to nothing at all. Snow shoveling services aren’t as expensive as most people think, so call one to find out if you can actually be saving money by enlisting their services.

If you answered yes to any of those above questions, you don’t have to rack yourself with the burden of snow shoveling. Call on a local and reputable snow shoveling service for rates and quotes. If you’re having trouble finding snow shoveling services in your area, try calling local landscape companies or even asphalt and concrete companies.

A professional can remove the snow from your property lickety-split, and while you do have to pay for the service, it’s worth it.


What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Your smile can light up the whole world around you, so it’s a shame when you have to hide it. Age, oral health, genetics, and more all play a part in the condition of your oral health, but what do you do when things are lacking in the smile department? If you’re ready to return your smile to its glory days, you need to make an appointment with your local cosmetic dentistry practice.

Cosmetic dentistry? Don’t all dentists do the same thing? There actually is a difference between cosmetic dentistry and traditional dentistry. Let’s look at what cosmetic dentistry is, as well as some of the differences between cosmetic and traditional dentistry.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is a specialized practice of dentistry that focuses on looks over function. Cosmetic dentistry is a general term that applies to dental work that improves the look, but not necessarily the function of your teeth, gums, and even your bite.

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on many different aspects of your smile’s appearance such as color, position, shape, size and more. If you’re looking at improving your smile from an aesthetic standpoint, you are looking at cosmetic dentistry.

Differences Between Traditional and Cosmetic Dentistry

The main difference between traditional and cosmetic dentistry is that cosmetic dentistry deals with looks first, and other aspects later. Traditional types of industry deal with functionality and health first, and appearance second. That’s not to say that cosmetic industry doesn’t do anything for the function of the teeth. Many cosmetic dentistry procedures are also functional treatments at the same time, such as fixing an under or over bite.
Tooth whitening, work on gum recession, the addition or subtraction of teeth, fixing over or under bites, and repairing a chipped teeth are great examples of cosmetic dentistry.

Can I Get a Dentist that Does Both?

Most dentists can perform both traditional and cosmetic dental procedures. If you’re looking at getting some cosmetic dentistry done for yourself, talk to your personal dentist first to find out if they can help you out.

If you think you’re ready for some cosmetic dentistry to improve your smile, start making some calls. Find a cosmetic dentistry practice with proper licensing, good reviews, and great referrals to find a cosmetic dentist that can restore your or improve your smile to where it should be. If you live in the Aurora, CO area you can have both a general Aurora dentist, as well as a cosmetic dentist by going with our friends at Baer Dental. Baer’s experience and patient-first philosophy will work to give you both a functional and fashionable smile.