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How to get your Portland business ranked in Google

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Portland SEO

Many business owners in both Portland, and around the United States are scratching their heads when it comes to showing up better in major search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing – so how does one get better rankings?

The process is called search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is the process in improving various signals that search engines look for that includes keyword references on-page, site authority and reputation.

Portland SEO providers like Altitude provide small and enterprise SEO solutions.

The process is both technical and practical in nature which follows Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Regardless of your size, you can run a free SEO report that will audit you landing pages and let you know if Google’s best practices are in place.

The landing page audit takes about 30 seconds and delivers the results instantly to your inbox!

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Colorado SEO Firm Gives Ultimate SEO Performance Guarantee

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The Colorado SEO firm, Rent A Website has given the ultimate search engine optimization guarantee. You don’t pay a dime, until your website lands on the 1st page.

Here’s how it works:

You, and RAW compile a list of trigger keywords. Trigger keywords are highly competitive, high-volume keywords relating to your industry. When one of these keywords land on the 1st page of Google, you start paying but until then – there’s no out of pocket cost with the exception of a small setup fee to get your campaign in gear.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not, read more about it here:

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Acclaimed Roofing Review – Denver, CO

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Want a Roofer You Can Count On? Acclaimed Roofing is Your Roofer
Acclaimed RoofingLet’s face it: When something happens to your roof, it feels like the end of the world. Hail damage, lose shingles, leaks, drafts, and more can cause havoc to your home. If you’ve ever dealt with a roofing issue before, you know that’s only half the battle. The other half is finding a roofer you can rely on in a world of scam artists, storm chasers and fly by night roofing companies. If you’re looking for a roofer in Colorado you can count on, you have Acclaimed Roofing.

Acclaimed Roofing is one of Colorado’s best roofers, here’s why:

  • They provide a free, prompt roofing estimate you can count on to be competitive.
  • Dealing with an insurance company? They can be the buffer you need to avoid paying more than your deductible out of pocket.
  • They offer a variety of roofing products and can guarantee the right one for your home’s needs.

One of the perks of working with Acclaimed Roofing is that they’re your advocate during the insurance process as customers in the past have shown. They’ll work hard to ensure you get the best settlement possible with your insurance company and pay the least out of pocket imaginable.

Acclaimed Roofing is more than just a roofing company. They can help with siding, gutters, and leak issues which are often related to one another. Few roofing companies can boast being able to take care of all three systems at once, but Acclaimed Roofing can.

Acclaimed Roofing will come to your home free of charge, get up on your roof and provide an estimate you can use to take your next course of action. They can help you determine the right type of roofing material to not only make your home more beautiful but also protect your roof for years to come. In Colorado, finding a roofing product that not only protects you from future issues but also looks good can be challenging.

Colorado roofs take a beating and Acclaimed Roofing can help reduce troubles you’ll face down the line. You won’t regret choosing Acclaimed Roofing for all your roofing needs now and in the future.


Belleview Dental Associates

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Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 7.43.16 AM

I’ve known Dr. Najjar from Belleview Dental Associates for at least 5 years now and am confident that he, and his staff are some of the most competent, friendly and professional dental professionals in Colorado.

Going to the dentist stinks right? Not when you, and your family chooses this Littleton dentist!

Take a look at this very short video which will detail some of the fine points on why Colorado chooses Belleview Dental Associates as their trusted dentist!



Marijuana + SEO = Perfection.

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It’s a fact. Marketing a marijuana business has so many restrictions that it’s leading many business owners in the cannabis space bewildered on how they can ‘legally’ market their businesses.

Because marijuana is still federally illegal, most marketing services like Google’s highly popular paid search, T.V advertising and others have cut-off the industry leaving very limited opportunity for marketing.

This is where things get fun. First, search engine optimization or SEO. Google wants to serve only the best results and while they won’t allow you to market your pot on the paid side, the organic, or natural results (which 70%+ of consumers click) is a gold mine.

How do you succeed with marijuana SEO?

Because SEO is one of the only legitimate ways to get a cannabis business found online, everyone is doing it. So what? Because ALL cannabis businesses need SEO, they’ve all hired ‘big guns’ to maximize their visibility online however; there’s one problem… SEO is a tricky business filled with gamers who are to get your weed cash and have no idea how to deliver.

Be a smart cannabis owner. Think about it, if you’re hiring a local SEO provider to get your website ranked, and they have troubles ranking themselves – how do you expect them to help you?

They best way to weed out 90% of the crap companies is to perform a Google search for your city + SEO. For an example; if you live in Pueblo search ‘Pueblo SEO.’

Got it. If you’re in the cannabis industry, hire an SEO provider and hire one fast. Don’t fall for silly gimmicks like ‘we know the weed business.’ SEO is a very specialized industry that can work for really any industry so find someone that’s legit – I told you how to above. If you don’t follow my instruction and your company fails you – your problem.

Until next time.

The ‘Good’ Stoner

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Frankfurt Law Office Joins NCDD

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The Frankfurt Law Office, a leading Denver DUI Attorney has joined the National College for DUI Defense. The National College for DUI Defense®, Inc. (NCDD) is a professional, non-profit corporation dedicated to the improvement of the criminal defense bar, and to the dissemination of information to the public about DUI Defense Law as a specialty area of law practice. The National College is headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama.It consists of a governing Board of Regents, a Founding Membership, a Sustaining Membership and a General Membership.


Altitude SEO Expands to Colorado Springs

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Denver, CO., Oct. 12, 2015Altitude SEO, a Denver based search engine optimization company announced they have expanded their in-demand search engine optimization services to Colorado Springs, CO with the opening of their new office at 1755 Telstar Dr.

“Altitude SEO is Colorado’s leading dedicated search engine optimization firm. We employ industry leading best practices, deliver transparent results that are ethical and sustainable.” Said CEO, Sean Hakes. “Colorado Springs businesses have asked for a specialized SEO agency, and we have listened.”

Altitude SEO is known for ‘changing lives” through effective and high-impact search engine optimization services designed for highly complex businesses in competitive markets.

To learn more about Altitude SEO please visit


Castle Rock Stormed by ‘Storm Chasers’

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Castle Rock has gotten beat up pretty good over the last month by pretty substantial hailstorms that are driving roofers from not only the greater Denver metro area, but the entire western region.

Castle Rock residents who are contacted by a door-to-door roofing salesperson are urged to check with the BBB or contact Best Colorado Contractors to connect you with a local licensed home contractors.

Quality local Castle Rock Roofing contractors will not knock on your door so be aware that scams are out and about — protect yourself.

Need more? Here are a few referrals worth checking out!