You’ve talked to your friends about it, you’ve read up on it online, and you’re ready to purchase CBD oil for yourself. CBD oil has many potential therapeutic effects, but because it’s not adequately regulated, CBD oil can be categorized in several ways. One glance at a store shelf full of CBD products can be overwhelming – pure oil, hemp oil, organic, isolate, full-spectrum, what’s it all mean?

While there are many terms used to describe CBD oil, one of the most important to look for is the full spectrum. Let’s explore the importance of full-spectrum CBD oil, including what full spectrum means and what else you need to know about this important qualifier. 

Full Spectrum Means the Whole Plant 

Full-spectrum means the entire cannabis plant was utilized in the production of the CBD oil, including any residual THC. Since full-spectrum CBD oil is manufactured from industrial hemp, any remaining THC is negligible. Full-spectrum CBD oil differs from broad-spectrum oil, in that broad-spectrum oil utilizes the entire plant but removes all traces of THC. 

The Entourage Effect 

Why do you want a full-spectrum? Because of the entourage effect. It’s currently believed that different components of the hemp plant like cannabinoids, scent compounds like terpenes, and other cannabis compounds work better together than they do separately. Imagine a group of people working together, one guy can carry five bricks, and another can carry five bricks, but when they work together, they can carry 20 bricks instead of 10. 

The collective efforts result in better effects. It’s the same way with CBD. One compound can help a little, another compound can help a little, but altogether they can do much more than they ever would individually. 

Is Full Spectrum CBD Oil Legal?

Full-spectrum CBD oil normally contains THC, so is it legal? Thanks to the 2014 and 2018 U.S. Farm Bills full-spectrum, CBD oil is legal for purchase and use in all 50 states if it’s produced from industrial hemp and contains less than 0.3% THC. The legality of full-spectrum CBD oil derived from non-hemp cannabis plants varies from state to state. 

Will Full Spectrum CBD Oil Get You High?

Full-spectrum oil stands out because the entire plant is utilized, including THC. You might be worried that the THC content in full-spectrum oil can make you feel high, but there’s not enough THC in hemp oil to cause any worry. Most full-spectrum oil contains less than 0.3% of THC, nowhere close to causing any psychoactive effects. 

Achieve a Full Spectrum 

Research is moving quickly on CBD oil, but it’s currently believed full spectrum oil is advantageous due to the entourage effect. When shopping for CBD oil, always shop from reputable dealers, only buy clearly labeled and lab-verified products, and only shop for full-spectrum oil for the best potential benefits.